[Fixed] Megabox HD not Working or can’t play this Video Errors

Megabox HD not working or can not play this video. While streaming or playing videos on Megabox HD app, in some device you can face these common issues. Here I have come up with a complete solution. Following all the steps mentioned below, you can fix these errors. if you havnt tried these awesome recharge tricks, then try it. With these you can free recharge

There are 2-3 types of errors you can face while watching videos. I am gonna explain errors how can you fix them.

You can face sometime-

  • Video Cant’ Play
  • No Connection Retry
  • No Stream Available
  • Miscellaneous Error

Here is how you can fix if Megabox HD not working.

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Fix Megabox HD Not Working

  • [Fixed]Video Can’t Play

This error you can face at the time when you try to stream video. Why this error comes? I said in my previous post that you need an app to play or stream videos on MegaBox HD. This App doesn’t allow us all videos to stream on itself. You need MV Player to watch some Videos. If you are facing this, you can fix by downloading MV Player from Play Store. Here is how you can fix Video Can’t play or Megabox HD not working-

Here you can try these Tips to fix this for Sure:

  • To Solve the Video Playback Problem, Try Uninstalling Google+ Updates or Twitter

For Android Lollipop and above users, you can try this potential method,

  • Go to Setting>About phone, tap 7 times on Build version to unlock developers option in setting.
  • Now Go to Setting>Developers Option and scroll down until you see entry under media called Use AwesomePlayer (deprecated) and enable it.  If it is already Enabled, Disable It.

Now Reboot Your Device.

Voila!! Error Fixed 🙂

No Connection or No stream, Megabox HD Not working:

megabox HD Not Working
megabox HD Not Working
  • [Fixed]MegaBox HD “No Connection Retry” Error

It may occur when your internet stopped working. This app need fast and reliable internet connection. This (Megabox not working) error is very common. It occurs when you are offline.

If you are still facing “No Connection Retry” then follow below Steps

  • Uninstall Megabox HD App and Install MTF Downloader(Google it :p)
  • After Installing MTF Downloader, Search for Megabox HD and Install from it.

That’s it.

  • [Fixed] Megabox HD “No Stream Available”

This (Megabox Hd Not Working) Error is very annoying. This occurs usually when A content(Video or Show) is not made available for Particular or Some Countries, in simple Word country-restricted content. Then,

  • Go to Play Store and Install any VPN such as Opera VPN, Ghost VPN etc to stream country-restricted content.
  • [Fixed]Megabox HD Not Working

  • Go to Setting>Apps>Megabox HD>Clear Data and Cache.

It may occurs when users use older version of it. Use Latest Apk Version of it. You can download from Below button

Don’t worry we are updating App link with the most recent Version of Megabox HD.


  • [Fixed]Miscellaneous Errors

You know, Megabox HD requires Google Services for normal working? Sometimes We face the problem because of it. So follow the Below Steps, It could fix the problem.

  • Go to Settings > Select Security > Device administrators > Deactivate Android Device Manager.
  • Go to Settings > Apps> All> Google Play services > tap Uninstall updates
  • Play Services is automatically updated if any app requires updated version
  • Now again go to Settings > Select Security > Device administrators >Activate Android Device Manager
  • Reboot your device.

If this(Megabox HD not working) still occurs, Please Uninstall and install again.

Now you can use Megabox Hd without any further issue 🙂

Note: We’re gonna write a guide on “Megabox HD For PC”. Stay tuned with us!


Hope this post will help you to Fix Megabox HD Not Working.
So these were all the common issues, you can face while streaming on Megabox HD. I have tried to give an exact solution for it. If you are still facing new or any of the errors, you can tell in the Comment section; We’ll try to fix errors related to Megabox HD not working asap.
Please Share it, if it works for you 🙂

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