How to download Jio Phone Fingerprint APK 2019 Latest Version?

JioPhone is perhaps India’s first and only affordable device that comes with 4G VoLTE service. In fat, the phone has opened up the avenues of communication even for those among us who cannot indeed afford costlier smartphones. After the success of JioPhone, Reliance launched Jio Phone 2 which has once again become a success story. However, will you be able to use Fingerprint lock for your JioPhone? We will discuss the Jio Phone fingerprint APK in today’s post.

How to download Jio Phone Fingerprint APK?

How to download Jio Phone Fingerprint APK 2019 Latest Version?

There are several sites claiming to offer you the APK file downloads for enabling fingerprint lock functionality on your Jio Phone. So, is this possible?

As you might be aware of already, Jio Phone does not come with a fingerprint sensor. That should clearly indicate that using a fingerprint unlock on your Jio Phone should be out of the option. Moreover, an APK file is designed for use with an Android device. Jio phone runs on KAI OS. The OS is specifically designed for use on the Jio Phone. That would again rule out the chances of installing an APK on a Jio Phone.

However, the sites that claim to offer the Jio Phone fingerprint APK state that the finger print unlock feature can be used by placing your finger on the camera. If you are in the know of how a camera sensor works, you will understand that a camera sensor will not be able to pick up the fingerprints.

What is the truth behind the Jio Phone fingerprint sensor APK?

A finger print unlock has become a constant feature on most of the smartphones. Even the budget smartphones now come with a fingerprint sensor. Recently a news item went online that Fingerprint unlocking is now available on Jio phone. Claims state that installing a Jio Phone fingerprint APK will enable the feature and you will be able to use it.

Is that even possible? How can a fingerprint sensor feature work when the phone does not have a fingerprint sensor? You might have seen that these apps or APKs do not let you know how does the fingerprint APK work. They will not even share information on how to download and make use of the APK. There are some YouTube videos available, but even these videos do not show how does the app work.

That is exactly what gives rise to suspicion about these Jio Phone fingerprint sensor APK claims. What we would be able to conclude from our wisdom is that the app is either fake or a prank. We have found apps that offered heart rate monitoring feature even when your phone has no heart rate monitor. These apps were later found to be jus a prank.  However, a more serious concern would be the possibility of these apps being a spam. What we mean by that is they camouflage themselves as useful apps, but behind the curtains, they steal your data and sell it to third parties. This can be a dangerous situation. That is exactly why we would want to warn our readers to be careful about the so-called Jio Phone fingerprint APKs.

How to use security features on your Jio Phone?

Well, that should ideally make all things clear. The Jio Phone does not have a fingerprint sensor, and you will not be able to use the purported Jio phone fingerprint sensor APK on a Jio Phone. For that matter, you will not be able to install any of the apps in the form of an APK on a Jio phone as it does not work on Android operating system.

The best way you can secure your Jio Phone – at least as of now – is to follow the steps below –

  • Go to the Settings app on your phone.
  • Look for Privacy and Security option under settings
  • Choose the option for Lock screen
  • Enter any four digit code that you would remember easily.
  • Set the number as a password.

That should now do it. You have successfully configured your security option on your Jio phone. Never fall prey to any of those claims that suggest using a Jio Phone fingerprint sensor APK on your Jio device.

The Concluding Thoughts

That was all about the Jio Phone fingerprint sensor APK and the truth behind it. It should be understood that all the news and information available over the internet on the availability and download of Jio Phone fingerprint sensor APK is fake and can even be dangerous for the safety and security of your privacy.

We hope Jio Phone brings the fingerprint sensor compatibility and availability on the next generation of Jio phones. If that happens, the functionality will come out of the box, and you do not need to install any specific application separately. Until that happens, use the security features we have indicated here.

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