[*Latest*] Download MegaBox HD apk for Android, iOS, PC

MegaBox HD Apk: Watching Movie has become more convenient nowadays. Everyone owns Smartphone nowadays, and this made more convenient to watch favorite movies at home. You can download your favorite movie or watch it online on your smartphone. You might be searching Megabox Hd, Megabox HD for PC, Megabox HD iOS, Megabox HD apk Latest or Megabox HD not Working then This post is all about your All in one Problems mentioned above.

Review MegaBox HD app Apk

MegaBox HD app lets you watch movie and Stream Online. You can also download New Shows, Movies at one place. All Movies and Shows are uploaded in HD format. So you don’t need to watch cam rip versions ?.

Everything is in HD on MegaBox HD apk. One of good thing about this app is, It is free and Letting us watch and download Movies and Shows for Free. ?

MegaBox HD apk is one of my favorite app to entertain myself, whenever I feel boredom, I just open it and Download or Watch My favorite show on it.

MegaBox HD Apk

MegaBox HD apk has good User Interface. After Opening it, you will see there are many shows and movies are listed. You can search your favorite movie or show using search option and enter name of Movie or Show. Or you can navigate to Menu, where you can select Shows or Movies by selecting categories.

There are two categories in Mega Box HD apk app, “Movies“, “Shows” “Favorite“, “Downloads“, and History. Under Movies and Shows, they have subcategories as Update, Rating, Popular, and New.

In MegaBox HD download apk menu, Under “Favorites“, you will get movies and shows which are starred by you while watching. In straight Word, If you want to watch a movie or show later, you can star it and You will get it in under “Favorites”.

MegaBox HD Apk

In MegaBox HD apk menu, Under “Downloads“, you can navigate movies which are downloaded by you.
and Under “History”, you can see list of movies and shows which are download or watched by you.

You can also choose genres by clicking 3 lines in middle on top, in which you can select genres as per your choice. Genres includes Action, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Family, Film Noir, Horror, Musical, Romance, Sport, War, Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, History, Music, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Western, Short etc.

MEGABOX HD Apk For Android

Smartphone has become a very important part of our life. Smartphone helps us in many ways such as making calls and Video Calls, Sending Messages, Emails, Watching Your Favorite Shows, Movies, Playing Video Games, etc.

It is not limited to only above mentioned things, It helps in many other ways too. The smartphone is turned into Bank. You can send and receive money in your bank account without walking to the Bank.

Here We are going to talk about Watching or Downloading Movie on your smartphone. Sometimes while traveling to any place, we become bored and to get rid of this boredom, Movies are the best way to release you from this boredom. Yup watching movie is fun while traveling by train or bus. :p

Here we are going to share an Android App by which you can watch online or download your favorite movie. You don’t need to wait to watch it on TV :p . Not only Movies, but you can also watch your favorite show.

There are more apps to watch movies, but you need to know Which app is much better to Watch or Download Movies Legally? Here We came up with a good app called “MegaBox HD.”.

Here we are sharing a review about this app. I will also share apk files of it. By apk file, you can install it anytime, anywhere.

Features Of Megabox HD Apk

There are lot of feature of Megabox HD apk, Main Features are given below.

  • Megabox HD Apk Comes with Chromecast. By which you can enjoy movies on TV.
  • You can either watch movies online or download to watch later.
  • You can download unlimited TV Shows and Movies
  • Get Movies as per Category, genres, or you can search using Search Box.

Let’s Begin Post-

Here you will be learning How to Download and Install MegaBox HD apk file on your Android, iOS, and PC. What you need to have to install MegaBox HD app, is Android, iOS or PC. There is working method shared on this Post.

How to download MegaBox HD apk/App on Android?

Installing Apk files may affect your Mobile. It may include Virus or Malicious code in it that can harm your device, But don’t worry! we are giving you fresh and Scanned MegaBox HD apk download files.
This is Google Drive Link. We are mentioning VirusTotal(Online Virus Scanner)Report of this Apk. By this Report, you can make yourself sure about this app’s Malicious report.
I recommend you to Check and Scan Malicious Report of latest MegaBox HD Apk file on Virustotal.com

Link to Download MegaBox HD apk

MegaBox HD apk Direct Download Link


Google Drive Link of MegaBox HD apk


Virus or Malicious Report of MegaBox HD APK

Virus Report   

Note: We are Updating link of Apk Files, Malicious Report, Google Drive Link time to time. You don’t need to have a headache in your Stomach. ?

You can also scan Apk file of MegaBox HD apk on Virustotal.com Before installing on Your Android Phone. It will be good to go on the safer side.

By the way, Google Drive also scan files before download started. So you don’t need to worry.
Have you downloaded Apk? So let’s start now!

Installing MegaBox HD apk on Android

  • First Click on MegaBox HD apk, you will get pop up saying “Install Blocked”
MegaBox HD apk Installation
MegaBox HD apk
  • Now Click on Setting and Tick Unknown Source, you may (or may not) get Pop-up Like this. Click OK
MegaBox HD apk Installation
MegaBox HD apk
  • Back and Click Install.
MegaBox HD apk Installation
MegaBox HD Apk
  • You are Done!

How to Watch and Download Movies on MegaBOX HD

To stream movies online on MegaBox HD app, you have to download MV Player which is available on play store for free. Without it, you can or can not stream. This app can be used to watch downloaded or available Videos on your smartphone.
Note: Some videos stream without MV Player too.

Here is the Link to MV Player-    MV Player

Key features of MV Player

  • ChromeCast( can be played on Big Screen e.g. TV).
  • Wi-Fi Sharing.
  • Support Subtitles (ASS, SRT,…)
  • Support Download Videos.
  • Play Videos Online and offline.

Watching or Downloading Videos

  • Click on any Movie or Show
  • Click on Videos, You will see Video Format in 720p, 1080p, 480p or 360p
  • Now See the below picture and Choose Whatever you want (Download or Play).

Remember, I said earlier that you need MV Player to Play Videos Online(But not in all Videos)

How to use Chromecast with Megabox HD

Here is simple tweaks to Enjoy Movies on TV with latest Megabox HD apk. Follow the steps below:

  • To watch the movie from Android to smart TV, you can do it using the Chromecast.
  • Download an app- Allcast or Localcast from the Google play store.
  • Once downloaded, now you can launch the Chromecast and sync with your Megabox.
  • Open your Megabox HD download app and click on the Custom button.
  • This will automatically link your Android to TV.
  • Finally, enjoy your movie on your TV.

How to Download MegaBoxHD Apk for PC?

To use MegaBoxHD Apk for PC, you need to install Android Emulator on your PC or Laptop. Don’t worry it is easy to Install. You can go through articles published on the Internet about “Installing Android Emulator on PC.” and “Best Android Emulator For PC.”

After Installing Android Emulator on PC, all steps are same as above “Installing MegaBox HD apk on Android.”

If you don’t how to Download Megabox hd for PC, then read further,

  1. First of All download Bluestacks from its official Site on your PC and Install.
  2. After Installing it, setting up other things. Go to setting>>Security>>and Enable Unknown Source.( Just like you do on Android Device).
  3. That’s it. Enjoy Movies on Megabox Hd for PC.

How to Download MegaBox HD apk iOS?

updated on: 13/July/2017

Link: How to Download MegaBox HD for iOS/iPhone

MegaBox HD app is not published officially for iOS users. Once, It will be published; We will Update App link here for iOS Users. by the way you can any Android Emulator for iOS to download and use on iOS device too.

Here is how you can download and access MegaBOx HD App on iOS device. With a simple tweak you can also enjoy Movies Favorite shows using MegaBox HD App.


Lets move to frequently asked questions(FAQs) which are asked by people every time. These FAQs will clear your doubt about MegaBOx HD apk.

  • Downloading MegaBox apk and not installing from Play Store, is it safe?

Yup, It is 100% Safe, if you are downloading this Apk from Our Site and I am completely sure that you will not face any issue while downloading and installing from our site. As I mentioned above Scanned copy of MegaBox HD apk and Malicious Report of it. So you don’t have to headache in your neck. :p

  • How to Download Movies From MegaBox HD apk?

Scroll above, you will see How to Download your favorite Movies or Show. If you still face any problem, fill out comment box with Query, I will try to solve it.

  • Can I watch Movies offline on MegaBox HD App?

Yes! You can watch movies offline, but first, you have to download it completely. Only then you can watch it later anywhere, anytime.

  • Do I need Internet Connection to Watch Movies Online on MegaBox HD App?

Yes! you need stable internet connection to watch movies online on this app. If you want to watch offline, then you have to download it first.

  • Of Which Format we can Download Movies and Shows on MegaBox HD App?

There are many formats available on the app to watch and Download movies. Some of them are, 360p, 720p, 1080P. You can get movies in full HD.

  • Why MegaBox HD is not Working/No Stream/No Internet

It all happens when either you are using older version of App or unstable Internet Connection. If it occurs Go through this Article: [Fixed] Megbox HD not Working or Can’t Play This Video

  • Why MegaBox HD Apk?

If you have Question why to download MegaBox HD apk, there are many great apps available to watch movies?

Answer is simple, There is no app which provides you a downloadable link for HD movies or Shows on App. Example: Hotstar, This app let you watch movies in HD but you can’t download HD movies, but MegaBox HD Lets you.

These are the FAQs, if you still have any question regarding this App, Comment below, it will be answered within 24 hours.

Video : Megabox hd for Android


So this was the review about MegaBox HD apk, We have cleared almost everything about MegaBox HD apk. If you are still facing any issue or problem While Installing on Android or PC, let me know in the comment section. We will try to help you in every possible way; you are facing with MegaBox HD apk.

If you like this review about MegaBox HD apk, then also share with your friends about this awesome apps because sharing is caring ?, I will be thankful to you.