WWE Champions APK for Android and IOS

WWE Champions APK-proving next level gaming skills


Are you willing to join 30 million wrestling fans residing globally? The ultimate action Packed Mobile gaming can present you with enthusiastic games, free entertainment and much more. Join the team of wrestling professionals and give an outstanding performance in the ring. So what are you waiting for? Have WWE Champions APK in your digital gadget today.


The app has teams, tags, team divisions and much more. You can play solo or simply join the top leaderboard according to your wish. The app gives you an option to participate in monthly weekly and daily competitions. The Excitingly featured application can help you to enjoy the worldwide rival battles.


You can win extra rewards by climbing leaderboards and enjoy versus mode in the gaming application. The multiple layers of strategy add oomph to the gaming experience. WWE Champions APK has particularly been released after analyzing the scenario of gaming market. All the gamers who admire wrestling are definitely going to feel pleased with an outstanding gaming application. It’s a standalone app that offers hundreds of WWE superstars and legends. With help of experts, initiate different moves and strategies. You can recruit teams and allow the game to progress manifold.


General information


With a file size of 70 6.4 MB, you need to have a little extra space in the storage capacity of your gadget for running the application. Scopely is the developer of the versatile gaming application. The game was uploaded on 22nd June 2018. It requires Android 4.1 and upper version to work.


WWE Champions free puzzle review


The primary target of the gaming app is to create a wrestling team of superstars and acknowledge their championships. You can play with the legendary super stars and collect their best moves against the opponent. You can also create virtual coaches for receiving valuable guidelines from them. Make sure that you get connected with the gems for generating best moves and encountering the Enemies.


The background music of the application steals the way the heart in no time. Hard rock music generates positive vibes and agility amongst the gamers. You can download the application from in app purchases in official website of the developer. Choose different battling modes and create a full-fledged the tournament team. The game feels like real with gem collecting puzzle feature. The gameplay offers varied features that keep the users engaged.


 Main features of the gameplay –



  • Fun overall gameplay
  • Interesting graphics and high quality background music
  • Quick characters upgrade
  • Wide tournament range



Undesired parts of the game –


  • Game is somewhat complicated for the new gamers and requires quick decision making for best of results.
  • For better character, you need to pay premium charges.



How to play WWE Champions APK


You need to look after the gems in order to play the game. Describing it better; the moment gems break apart, they will be new gems that automatically fill up the spaces. Breakaway the tiniest gems and assemble the combinations in to perform better moves. Gems can let you perform horizontal and vertical line combinations. In order to give a stronger hit, simply create a combination and win the game.


Clubbing 5 gems in a row together will give you better capacity to attack the opponents. The specialized attack skills of each team are an outcome of different color combinations of gems. Therefore, the player has to make sure that you combine the most powerful color combinations and get the technique to encounter the opponent.


How to download WWE Champions APK?



  • Visit the scopley official website and search for the WWE Champions APK mirror
  • Install the application using your favorite Browser
  • Launch the application and enjoy the pure and original WWE Champions APK mirror



How to fix WWE Champions APK error?


If you have been lately facing connection error while trying to launch WWE Champions APK mirror application, you need to check out your internet connection and clear the cache memory of your gadget. Also, there can be problems regarding the update of the game. Simply reboot your phone and probably you will find the application working well as before.


Make sure you do not call any support number for WWE Championship APK because it is all a scam. Sometime, you can wait for a couple of hours and get the application fixed on its own.


Till date, the application has been downloaded by more than 2 million people. With 4.7 ratings and huge customer following, there is quite a possibility for the server to get jammed.


Final words


The jewels give you energy to fight better and when the matches. Taking part in the wrestling tournament becomes much easier when you can choose your favorite athlete and ask them to participate in the ring. The special features of each fighter can help you to have a competitive edge on the opponent. Furthermore, you can use the combination of gems and enhance your overall fighting capacity.


Match up the colorful gems and fight with the opponent to win the game. The simple gameplay begins with the life bar displaying the overall marks earned. You need to hit back with careful combination of Gems and tactics. The awesome selection of characters includes Randy, The Rock, John Cena, Big Show, Triple H and Undertaker. You can play with any one of them and improve your personal attributes manifold. WWE Champions is definitely an interesting game that has original stuff and different modes to choose from. It is an essential app for all the wwe diehard fans.


The award winning application has been categorized one of the best gaming applications of 2018. Download it today and enjoy valuable rewards and quality entertainment at no cost. Upgrade your championship and enhance the overall power you have. Customized Epic fighting RPG mode and completely throws away the opponent and lets you win the game in a special way. Download the battling application today.

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